Who We Are

Business Ethics


To all of us at Advanced Diesel, working to a set of high ethical values is of paramount importance. The phrases used to describe our values vary across the company, but if there has to be a single word by which the entire ADI business ethic, and team philosophy can be summed up, then that word is – INTEGRITY.

As employees, it’s up to us to uphold the reputation of the business through our personal dealings with customers, suppliers and fellow employees; they must all be able to trust implicitly what we say and believe we’re as good as our word. Our business is only as good as the individual employee, and the ethical code by which they live and work.

As a company and as individuals we strive constantly to achieve the highest possible standards of integrity and ethical behaviour as well as in the work we undertake. You can expect nothing less than complete honesty: we will not make promises we cannot keep. We will do all that is humanly possible to meet all our commitments.

Our actions on an individual level must not lead to any conflict between our personal interests and those of the business.

It’s as simple as this; to do any less, we risk the good name and reputation of Advanced Diesel Injection.

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